Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Professional work requires investment and a person with the professional tools both in hardware & software to create the most out of any production. This, of course, comes with a cost/price, but my goal here at Still Sound is that a professional production comes first and represents their own worth.


For all services, there is a strict use of hour rates of €50,- p/h. This is in the benefit of both you & I as this will ensure that you are not paying for a single day, but for the time invested and flexibility to work on and finish your project. Every project requires different amounts of varying time required to work on the finalized version, and your satisfaction with the final product reflects directly back on my own satisfaction.

I welcome you to contact and inquire about the expected costs for your production through the button below. Prices vary based on the project, but the time required and the price is always based on experience.

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